A video sketch filmed as a documentary impression

"Night Survey By 2" looks at the "right here, right now" through spontaneously "found" familiar downtown Chattanooga, TN, objects/subjects and weaves these in an experimental interpretive documentary sketch that respects surfaces and looks beneath them. It was filmed while Eileen Rehberg and Trinette Ballard, in the film, were conducting a downtown survey.

 Wes Rehberg used a SONY HDR-HC1 high-definition camcorder for filming, partly in infrared converted to black-and-white. The sketch is reproduced here in a streaming Windows Media broadband version in wide-screen format. File size is 16 megabytes, run time is 4 minutes 39 seconds. It is also available for purchase as a DVD via Visa or MasterCard at the link below.

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Produced by Wes & Eileen Rehberg 2006 Wild Clearing; All rights reserved
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