Filmed as a documentary sketch

"Chattanooga Protesters Slam Bush Visit" documents a demonstration organized and conducted mainly by students at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in the city's downtown area on February 21, 2007 to protest a visit that day by President George W. Bush.

 The video documentary sketch was filmed by Wes Rehberg and is reproduced here in a streaming Windows Media and Real Media broadband versions in wide-screen format; run time is 7 minutes. It is also available for purchase as a DVD at the link below.

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Purchase a broadcast quality DVD copy for $7.95 plus shipping securely via PayPal or credit card. This is a high quality DVD, filmed in high-definition format and edited as DV to transfer to a DVD. Proceeds to will toward peaceful nonviolent efforts in the area.

Produced by Wes Rehberg © 2007 Wild Clearing; All rights reserved
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