"Flashback: Two Binghamton NY Protests"
 A 9-minute video clip of a welfare
and SOA protest in the mid-90s

Linked below are RealPlayer video clips of two protests in Binghamton, NY, during the 1990s, one in DSL/Cable format, the other in dialup -- length is 9-minutes.Left click to view (they'll be slow loading) or right click to download and play later. If you wish to obtain a DVD or VHS copy, click here. Video includes some who have aged (just a little) and others who have passed on. One segment is a protest against a state welfare-fingerprinting proposal, the other against the School of Americas (SOA).

If you'd like to purchase a DVD of this video for $9.95, click below

DSL/Cable version (RealPlayer)
Dial-up version (RealPlayer)

For RealPlayer click here



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