Activism Memoirs: Part One
Comstock Junction: A Peace-Justice Partnership

This 59-minute video documentary collage depicts the journeys of two families and some of our human rights efforts since 1991, which includes work in Chiapas and central Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Cuba, Palestine, and engages the  personal lives of both families, one now from Tennessee, the other from upstate New York. To view a trailer, see below ...
One extended section is about a Christmas mini-caravan both our families undertook in 1994 with a schoolbus and van, supplies and other volunteers to base-community cooperatives in the Tulancingo, Mexico region, roughly between Mexico City and Veracruz. Another covers a civil disobedience journey to Cuba in 1993 sponsored by Global Exchange in which participants met Fidel Castro, and in which a significant number were detained upon return to the U.S. and their passports were confiscated. The documentary, produced and realized by Wes Rehberg, also includes a meeting with Zapatista comandantes in Chiapas, the construction of two ferry boats for Hondurans cut off by a large hydroelectric power reservoir, election observation in El Salvador, accompaniment of massacre survivors and personal interviews.

To view the trailer, which runs 3 minutes 40 seconds, please click on a link or the Shockwave/Flash version below.

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